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Trinket Dishes


Glass craft kit to make at home.

Read through the description to choose your colour options!

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Remember to select FREE SHIPPING at checkout!


Remember to select FREE SHIPPING at checkout.

Trinket Dishes (enough to make three)
Fused Glass mini dish kit, with dichroic sparkles, to make at home. It should entertain you for approximately 1.5-2 hours to create depending on how quickly you make decisions and you will make three different 7.5cm trinket dishes.

Choose your colour range from:

Pinks and Purples
Monochrome with silver

The cost of these kits includes original postage to send the kit to you and return postage of the finished dishes. You will need to cover the cost of sending your finished kit back to me for firing in the kiln so please keep the additional cost of this in mind!

Use your chosen colours of pre-cut glass and dichroic glass sparkle (if you want extra glitz*, selected the “more is more” option in the drop down menu) to create a design on special kiln paper.  Return them to me to be fired under a clear glass layer and then slump fired into special glass moulds to make your three little trinket dishes.

*Sparkles! I have had great feedback with my kits and some of you want more of the extra special (and expensive) sparkling glass. So, I have worked out a way! Each colour option has price options. The basic kit has a good smattering of dichroic glass but if you want to be blinded by the glittery glass, enough to make your sparkle multiple by an extra 25% there are a few extra pounds to pay.

This kit is a lovely slow, methodical process which should be very relaxing. You will be playing with hundreds of pieces of beautifully coloured glass to create a personalised design.

A Step by Step print out of instructions is included in your kit.

Kits are suitable for all abilities but do include raw cut pieces of glass – young people will need supervision. Health and safety notes will be included on the step by step instructions. I will support you to explore your design options and supply the equipment and materials needed.

Kit contents:

  • A bag stuffed with coloured glass pieces (does have pointy bits)
  • Dichroic glass pieces (the amount varies depending on your chosen option)
  • Specialist glue and applicator sticks
  • Tweezers
  • Specialist kiln paper to work on
  • Card backing
  • Full instructions but do get in touch if you need anything at all

Suggested materials – you will need your own pencil and paper.

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HEALTH & SAFETY DISCLAIMER: When purchasing kits you do so with the understanding that raw cut glass is sharp. Stevie cannot be held responsible for your safety in your own home. Use the tweezers provided and follow the guidelines set out in the instructions. Adult supervision should be used for younger makers. Keep pieces of glass away from animals and don’t pick up bits of glass by the pointy end!

Additional information

Trinket Dish Colours

Blues, Blues More is More, Monochrome & Silver, Monochrome and Silver More is More, Pinks and Purples, Pinks and Purples More is More, Rainbow, Rainbow More is More