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Sparkle Club

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Welcome to Sparkle Club! Make time for some shiny happy activities in your day 🙂

How it will work…

A secret page on my website only accessible with the Sparkle Club password. You can come here to browse each months membership benefits which I’ll list here for you here with direct links to make finding all the goodies simple…. I like simple!

I want to learn a little bit about what kind of treats will bring a smile to your face! So, after you express interest in joining the club I’ll send you a short questionnaire to complete. You’ll also get the details you need to set up a standing order and kick start the need for sparkles.

Each month, your pennies should land in my business account on the 1st, I will then send you a membership update via email. It will include that months password and any specific questions I have for you to help me finalise plans for any offers. You’ll be able to shop with your discount throughout the month using your personal discount code, if you wish to do so, before receiving a delivery of any specific membership goodies around the 23rd (give or take a day).

You’ll get a Welcome gift too!

Feel free to tell your friends, there really isn’t any long term commitment but every one of you is helping to continue to fulfil my passion and get my glass out into the world!

The ‘OOH tell me more about the sparkles’ form: