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Sparkle Club

Welcome to my Sparkle Club page, a glass art subscription club, which will give you an idea of how I can help you make time for some shiny goodies in you life…  feel free to ask any questions about how to join us!

What is Sparkle Club?

Sparkle Club is a no-obligation glass art subscription club. Although I launched Sparkle Club in January 2021 my sparkle club members have joined at different times throughout the year and all give me so many reasons to smile each and every month.

Your £15 (minimum some like to throw a bit more at me) should land in my business account every other month (May, July, Aug etc) on or around the 1st.  After a  few days I send everyone a little message, to start a chat and give you a membership update via email. It includes that months password to the exclusive Sparkle Club secret page along with any specific questions I have for you to help me finalise plans for your membership rewards.

You’ll be able to shop with all your discounts throughout the year using the club members code. It you wish to do any shoping, extra kits or my makes, you can get those extras along with your delivery of any membership goodies.  Receive it in time for any social making sessions we have, virtually and in person.

To give you an idea of past rewards over the last 16 months… One of Januarys treats was £15 off any online order, February included a free teaser kit which will helped me develop the idea before launching it fully later in the year, July had a mini make and care package with chocolate, prossecco and some fun creative projects as well as a social get together.

*** Sparkle Club CHANGES FOR 2022 ***

Making the membership every other month will give me more time to develop ideas for creative workshops, get dates in the diary with plenty of time to book you all for social workshops, in person and on zoom and then post any packs/kits out to those who live far far away.  I want to make the membership more focused around developing the way you work with glass, introducing new ideas and having a play every couple of moths for those who struggle to dedicate time to crafts.

My aim is that the things I send you and discounts offered match or exceed your subscription fee. I’m not creating this club to make profit, I want to learn from you, be inspired to push my arts practice and make long lasting friendships with like minded individuals who love glass.

I want to learn a little bit about what kind of treats will bring a smile to your face! So, after you express interest in joining the club I’ll send you a short questionnaire to complete. You’ll also get the details you need to set up a standing order and kick start the need for sparkles.

Everyone gets a Welcome Gift too!

There really isn’t any long term commitment but every one of you is helping to continue spreading the joy of sparkles!

Use the form below to ask questions and I can send you full info!

The ‘OOH tell me more about the sparkles’ form: