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Create Space - Art Studio in Wirksworth, Derbyshire

Due to other work commitments, I am unable to guarantee being open on Saturdays. Before making a special trip to visit me, please check here, my facebook page image or Google my Business listing.

My creative workshop and studio in the beautiful market town of Wirksworth!
I have joined up with Upcycled Creative to bring you a permanent display of contemporary art and craft, ideal to browse for your interiors, offices and your gift giving needs.
The studio is home to my glass fusing workshop, where I will teach you to make your own glass art and accessories, as well as hosting other tutors for a public workshop programme. 
Come and explore all things handmade by my selected makers.

Face coverings are needed when entering the gallery, although distance allows you to browse while I hang back, I will wear my mask and am happy to answer questions and safely wrap any goodies you may want to buy. 
Hand sanitiser is available and signage about social distancing in place.

Create Space Studio & Gallery
27 Market Place



Standard opening Thurs, Fri and Sat 11am – 4pm – may change due to other commitments.
Happy to make arrangements for you to visit by appointment, so just get in touch.
Contact Stevie or 07884402036

Create Space studio logo Wirksworth


Stevie Davies Glass

Feel free to check out my About Me page to read a little about my arts practice and follow me on social media for an insight into my day to day life.

As for the reasons why Create Space exists, well, I am lucky enough to have met many inspirational artists over the years.  My 14 years as a maker have also been filled, part time, working in independent art galleries, museums and theatres, as well as within groups of artists, curating exhibitions, hosting events and programming creative workshops with various artists.

The art world can be a small one, there are links everywhere and everything I do seems to build connections with others. I value the ability to be able to support and shine a light on the talented makers that I am honoured to know.

Please support your indepedant makers, a like, a follow a share…. and a purchase of their work or a booking on a workshop means a lot to us!

Stevie Davies Fused Glass

Anisha Parmar

Inspired by her own hybrid heritage that spans three continents, Anisha’s designs bring the concept of the heirloom into today. As cultures blend and bend to reflect the modern world, we’re presented with the opportunity to write new stories; refreshing old fables with new perspectives, retelling ancient myths in a modern style, or reinvigorating forgotten moments with an injection of innovation. At the heart of it all, one thing remains constant: we believe in the power of wearing our culture and our stories in a way that will uplift and empower.

Every APL design is rooted in South Asian history, whether it’s a modern take on the traditional jhumka that adorns many a South Asian girl’s ear, or drawing inspiration from the vibrant festivities of Diwali to create unique pieces that reflect the diyas (lamps) that light up the homes and streets.

Pop over to Anisha Parma London to browse the full collection

anisha parmar jewellery
Anisha Parmar Laser Cut Jewellery

Mr Ps Pots

James Pettinger, sometimes known as Mr P, is a potter and maker based in the heart of Derby. Graduating  with a degree in Cabinetmaking, his background is heavily influenced by process, design and functionality.

His traditionally wheel-thrown pottery is tactile and understated. It retains the marks made during the making process, emphasising the connection between the object and its maker. Each piece is truly unique, no two are the same size, or even the same shape. From raw clay to finished item every piece is handmade.

He believes that everyday items can be beautiful. 

Want more from James, click here

James Pettinger (aka Mr Ps Pots) Ceramacist

Trudie Wilson

Trudie’s art is heavily focused towards botanical and organic forms, using mild steel and recycled materials to create her sculptures. The concept behind her work is to create art from materials which are usually associated within an industrial setting, cold hard and angular, then manipulating the material to change it into something quite fragile and delicate in appearance.

Trudie is continually developing and exploring new ideas and opportunities, and relishes in experimenting and collaborating with fellow artists. She has exhibited her work in various locations, including London, Derbyshire, and Cheshire and continues to be commissioned by clients nationally and internationally.

Pop to her website and get in touch commissions.

orchid flower metal sculpture
Trudie Wilson Metal Orchid Sculpture

Helen Jones

Creating accessories made by combining tradition with contemporary design with fascinating colours and shapes.

Leather working is a traditional craft and the methods still used today go back hundreds of years. However her background as a fine art painter means Helen also brings a modern twist to her work, especially her carving and dyeing.

‘I love using leather as it is so versatile. It can be wet-moulded, carved, or dyed and stitched like fabric, and it is a highly sustainable product. It is strong, repairable, and if looked after, will last a lifetime.’

Facebook is probably the best place to see more of Helens Leather work. She goes by Buffalo Vision

Helen Jones Leaather Accessories

Helen Domleo

A South African jeweller living in Nottinghamshire Helen finds her inspiration in seed pods, leaves and other natural objects she finds in her surrounding as well as her earlier work in the African bush, and travels around South East Asia.

Helen forms and shapes each piece, patterning the surfaces using
hammers and other hand tools. Patterns are sometimes imprinted, using a rolling mill, these could be different fabrics, leaves or other fibres, or by hammering and stamping, to create specific textures that are rich in detail.

Explore Helen’s website

Helen Domleo Silver Jewellery

Zaza Lewis

Zaza Lewis is a mixed media artist who has been creating bold and contemporary pieces using mainly scalpels and scissors instead of brushes.

Her distinctive and unique style is achieved by the confident use of bright coloured textiles next to the sharp contrasts of dark backgrounds.

She has an eye for architecture and landscapes – from the intricate ironwork of a balcony to a pier and beach, or even a coastal town. Plants, from the foxgloves to the study of nasturtium also take pride in her collection.

Originally from France, Zaza has been living in Derbyshire since she was 18. You will see both her French roots and her adopted country – including her own garden – reflected in her work.

See more from Zaza here


Zaza Lewis Mixed Media

Upcycled Creative

A multi award-winning business, specialising in handmade, upcycled furniture, lighting and upholstery. Sharing Create Space to run workshops, develop on projects to breathe new life into old as they upcycle reclaimed and recycled materials into functional designs.

Every single piece produced is special, even off-the-shelf products are unique.

Visit Upcycled Creative online here

Upcycled Creative