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Create Space - Art Studio in Wirksworth, Derbyshire

Standard opening Thurs, Fri and Sat 11am – 4pm
Happy to make arrangements for you to visit by appointment, so just get in touch.
Contact Stevie or 07884402036

My creative workshop and studio gallery in the beautiful market town of Wirksworth!
I have set up a permanent display of contemporary art and craft by some of my favourite makers, selecting work I feel is ideal to browse for your homes, offices and your gift giving needs. The studio is home to my glass fusing workshop, where I will teach you to make your own glass art and accessories.  Come and explore all things handmade by my selected makers and talk about commissioning something extra special.

Create Space Studio & Gallery
27 Market Place




Stevie Davies Glass

Feel free to check out my About Me page to read a little about my arts practice and follow me on social media for an insight into my day to day life.

As for the reasons why Create Space exists, well, I am lucky enough to have met many inspirational artists over the years.  My 15 years as a maker have also been filled, part time, working in independent art galleries, museums and theatres, as well as within groups of artists, curating exhibitions, hosting events and programming creative workshops with various artists.

The art world can be a small one, there are links everywhere and everything I do seems to build connections with others. I value the ability to be able to support and shine a light on the talented makers that I am honoured to know.

Please support indepedant makers, a like, a follow a share…. and a purchase of their work or a booking on a workshop means a lot to us!

Stevie Davies Fused Glass

Alex Vincent Textiles

AVT focuses on zero waste and slow textile design with both sustainability and accessibility at its heart. Utilising both traditional and contemporary techniques with a strong interest in the history of place, heritage craft and working with nature – not against it.

His work with maps is an extension of his fascination of the land we live on. So much can be learned from studying a map, as the layers of the past start to reveal themselves era by era. This can be seen everywhere through earthworks, ancient woodland or place names. Maps can be so personal to us and making meaningful art and having that memory and story is important.

Click here to see more

Alex Vincent Textiles

Jillian Riley

Jillian’s ceramic vessels are created using porcelain or parian clay and provide a wonderful canvas for her handsculpted birds, animals, flora and forna.

Her simple colour palette adds to the drama and some are embellished with 24 carrot gold leaf for extra indulgence.

Check out her website to see more!

Jillian Riley Ceramics

Black Rose Ceramics

As an urban potter based in Leicester, Nigel Gossage produces a variety of Raku items, decorative wheel thrown pots with intricate, yet unpredictable details.

I selected Nigel and offered a showcase at Create Space, as a prize from the Toasted ceramic fair in March 2024. Being drawn to the high lustre finishes, spots ad dots. I love the Raky process and the fact that no two are ever the same.

Raku is essentially decorative ware for display and is not meant to hold food or water because of its porosity. Modern Raku is derived from an ancient Japanese technique.

See more about raku and how Nigel creates his work here

Black Rose Ceramics (aka Nigel Gossage)

Anna Roebuck

Create Space showcases two of Annas jewellery ranges with a focus on chunky bangles!

‘Out of Line’ designs are made from etched aluminium with an acrylic infill, the illustrations are all Annas own and they explore the environment and industrial heritage.

‘Nocean’ explores the use of recycled plastic bottles while adding vibrant colour with her own specialist techniques. 

Check out Annas website and she what she’s doing at her studio gallery, The Making House in Burton on Trent. She runs workshops of her own techniques and materials and hosts visiting tutors…like me!

Anna Roebuck Jewellery

Mr Ps Pots

James Pettinger, sometimes known as Mr P, is a potter and maker based in the heart of Derby. Graduating  with a degree in Cabinetmaking, his background is heavily influenced by process, design and functionality.

His traditionally wheel-thrown pottery is tactile and understated. It retains the marks made during the making process, emphasising the connection between the object and its maker. Each piece is truly unique, no two are the same size, or even the same shape. From raw clay to finished item every piece is handmade.

He believes that everyday items can be beautiful. 

Want more from James, click here

James Pettinger (aka Mr Ps Pots) Potter

Judith Brown

Judith has been working with wire since 2004, when she began hand stitching with wire; a technique inspired by her degree in Embroidery. Her most recent jewellery collection, Foliage, is inspired by the details in wild flowers and leaves. She uses silver wire, which is oxidised, and glass beads for subtle colour and texture. During the lockdowns of 2020, she began working on a larger scale with wire, creating wire drawings inspired by the flowers and plants she learned about on many local walks around the Staffordshire Moorlands where she lives. She works from her studio in Leek where she also runs workshops. I highly recommend them!

Check out her commissions and workshops on her website.

Judith Brown Wire Art & Jewellery

David William Sampson

David describes how in ceramics; cracks, pin-holed glazing, mixing of clay and patchy slips are seen as defects, but he has created a body of work that enhances and celebrates these. 

Some will see the children and have an instant parental instinct, then look closer to see that they are decapitated, broken faced or damaged and it leaves people unknowing how to feel. 

They are all intriguing little characters that are all individual and hold their own temperament, from princes to clowns and apomorphic elements creeping in, these children just want to play, be loved and adopted into a new family.

Learn more on his website

David William Sampson

Helen Domleo

A South African jeweller living in Nottinghamshire Helen finds her inspiration in seed pods, leaves and other natural objects she finds in her surrounding as well as her earlier work in the African bush, and travels around South East Asia.

Helen forms and shapes each piece, patterning the surfaces using
hammers and other hand tools. Patterns are sometimes imprinted, using a rolling mill, these could be different fabrics, leaves or other fibres, or by hammering and stamping, to create specific textures that are rich in detail.

Explore Helen’s website

Helen Domleo Silver Jewellery

David Pryor – Youlgrave Clock Company

Fabulous Raku Clocks individually glazed and fired 10 miles from the shop. Create Space is the exclusive stockist of these cuties.

David’s clocks are hand-built and then fired using the Raku method. This is a rapid firing process where the red hot pots are removed from the active kiln and quickly buried in sawdust to cool rapidly and without oxygen. This physical process gives both the distinctive crackle and metallic finishes to the glaze and the black, carbon finish to the un-glazed areas. The term ‘Raku’ is often said to mean ‘happiness in the accident’ – which says something about the unpredictability of the process and the totally unique character of each piece created!

See more photos on his Instagram profile

David Pryor Raku Clocks

Zaza Lewis

Zaza Lewis is a mixed media artist who has been creating bold and contemporary pieces using mainly scalpels and scissors instead of brushes.

Her distinctive and unique style is achieved by the confident use of bright coloured textiles next to the sharp contrasts of dark backgrounds.

She has an eye for architecture and landscapes – from the intricate ironwork of a balcony to a pier and beach, or even a coastal town. Plants, from the foxgloves to the study of nasturtium also take pride in her collection.

Originally from France, Zaza has been living in Derbyshire since she was 18. You will see both her French roots and her adopted country – including her own garden – reflected in her work.

See more from Zaza here


Zaza Lewis Mixed Media