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Fused Glass Commissions (big and small)

Fused Glass Bowl inspired by the Irish Flag
Oyster Catcher fused glass bird
Circular Iridescent and textured glass panels

The more I share my style and the fused glass processes I enjoy using, what makes me smile, the more I seem to be asked to combine all of those things into a piece of glass art commissioned specifically for a client, like the examples above.  I was asked about the way I do this on facebook and I realised I should really write it out and share it on my website too.

The general enquiry.  Often through a conversation at an event of at the Studio Gallery but sometimes, through my website, like this one from Mark.
“I would love to commission something like the bowl that you made based on the Scottish flag on your website, but based on the Irish flag instead. Would that be possible?”

I respond with a “yes of course I can do that for you“ if the commission fits my practice and is something I want to take on. There have been a few “thanks but no thanks” responses too.

This is the time I ask about specifics requirements, timescale, budgets and wants for the design. I can then do my costings and give an description of the techniques I would use specific to the commission and what I can offer.

I then put together a Commission Document with these specifics and an explanation of how I like to work and the bit I hate, the money bit.  If the full fee is around £100 I require full payment upfront, other amounts are split into stages, 2 or 3 payments are set times of creation.

Stage one, source imagery and materials research and initial design “doodles”. I can’t draw what the glass piece will look like but I enjoy creating pen or water colour illustrations of the design.  I share these along with examples of previous makes and discuss any colours with visual aids so I can to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Then I get to make! Sharing the stages is key to me, checking in as the commission develops. For a bigger, more complicated design I create samples, especially if the colour palette is on the complicated side. These can be looked at in person, or in situ and agreed upon before the next stage.

The final make…. hopefully it goes smoothly first time, I always try to work a head of any deadline and give myself a contingency plan in case it doesn’t! So far, so good.  I’ve never missed a deadline!

Then arranging a collection/delivery of the piece, a final check and the final cheque (hehe).  Done.

Sound good? Use the contact form below to share your ideas with me.