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2022 Musings… what sparkles can I bring to the world this year

I find it funny how I only tend to reflect on past achievements times when trying to think about the future.  I am working through a few applications for events and exhibitions and so am having to look
through photographs of my makes, pic the best ones (the most relevant and the most in focus) to send with my artist statement and c.v.  I have found myself staring at pictures of work which is out there, in the world, being admired daily by the individual that bought it.  Its very humbling and puts my in a great mood to make more!!!

sold glass by stevie davies
Opulent - glass bowl form (sold)
Sold artwork by stevie davies
Spirit of Fear - Sculpture (sold)

Easing in to 2022, well that was the plan, but I have been asked to work on some fabulous commissions and have a number of exhibitions and gallery showcases to get making for. I’d love some time to develop ideas, work through processes that I enjoyand push the material further.   Still with a focus of creating the kind of sparkles that make me smile.

So why have I started this blog, frankly I’m not really sure. I don’t know what my aims are, I have no plans for what I’ll write about, how often I’ll post and if I’ll ever share this on social media and in my Newsletter BUT I do feel it might be a little bit about giving myself some accountably. A dated record of my thoughts and ideas, aspirations and goals and a very obvious place to come back to check I am on the right path.

For the rest of January I will be moving ALL my workshop ‘stuff’ in my studio and gallery in Wirksworth, getting to grips with my new kiln (a few more test fires needed) and in full on planning and prepping mode for a busy February of makin! Exciting!!!