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Silent Auction

Back again, my annual shh… Silent Auction. This is primarily about having a little fun, finding homes for some sparkly glass by giving you the chance to bid on various pieces of my glass art, signature bowls and other “things”…. all shimmery and sparkly! 
You can see all the artworks in person at Create Space, my studio & gallery in Wirksworth where I also have a “rummage box” of oddities for sale, a great way to grab a bargain if you are able to pop by for a visit. Otherwise, enjoy browsing through these listed items and see which you would like to re-home for yourself or purchase to gift to a loved one.

HOW IT WORKS – Prices listed are the usual retail/gallery prices. They are on “sale” so I am open to cheeky offers but do have a reserve price in mind.

See something you like? Place your bid using the form at the bottom of the page. Get in touch if you’d like more images, videos or have any questions.
Please bid on one item only per contact form (but use as many forms as you need for more items!)
Bidding closes at 23:59 on Sun 22nd Oct 2023 and winning bidders will be notified via email the following day.  At this time payment details will be sent and you will need to let me know if you require delivery at the cost stated in the item description or we will arrange collection from Derby or Wirksworth. Any items left unpaid will be offered to the second-highest bidder on Wednesday 1st Nov 2023.

Lots of you know I just love to work with glass (the best artist medium) and how I just need to experiment and enjoy exploring the various effects that can be achieved with glass. Mixing this playful side with my rather obvious hoarder mentality (it’s in the genes) means I often have a few ‘oddities’. Many of these are that last in a series, an experiment or an older work that needs to move out of my studio to make space for me to make more! I hope you like them and fancy joining in with this year’s Shh… Silent Auction.

If you fancy making it not so silent, please feel free to tell all your friends!

STEVIE01 – Hummingbird Wall Art – Framed

I’m ready to part with this experimental piece, created to test an idea for a series of panels that I have been commissioned to produce. Lots of sparkling dichroic glass adorn the bird and painted elements to add details. 50x50cm by approx. 4cm deep. Current asking price £150

STEVIE03 – Iridescent Mosaic Wave – large

Experimenting with cut sections of glass with the dramatic iridescent coating on dense black. A variety of colours placed with gaps to enable light to come through. A free standing sculptural piece. 32cm x 8cm tall approx. 4cm deep Asking price £30

STEVIE05 – Abundant – Lavish Bowl Silver

One of my statement ranges. All about over the top sparkly goodness. This dramatic black and silver piece is one of my personal favourites, I like the monochrome feel but the extra “drippy edges” (yes that’s a technical term) mean that its not very good for display in other galleries. £300-£400 Gallery price 34cm bowl form, 5cm deep

STEVIE07 – Feather inspired bowl

Too many colours for me! I tried playing with and embracing lots of different colours and although it gets a lot of attention, this piece hasn’t found its forever home. Notice the crushed glass dichroic sparkle section? 35cm wide x 5cm tall Gallery price £150

STEVIE09 – Constraint – Lockdown Series Bowl

The last in the series and in need to rehoming. Although it looks almost black, this is actually a very deep purple, gothic in look, a high shine and contrasting textures are elevated to something extra special when displayed in front of a light source. 35cm wide x 5cm tall Original price £195 current sale price £100

STEVIE11 – Craving wall panel set (display in any formation)

I made a whole range of these for an exhibition and all the larger pieces have sold, people picked their own little set. So, this is the final collection, can be hung in any formation. You will enjoy 5 individual panels, 5cm, 6cm, 7cm, 7.5cm, 13cm. All stand 1cm off wall. Asking price for the set £75

STEVIE13 – Lavish wall panel 2

As with the Largest Silver Panel, just looking to rehome. Flickers between deep navy blue and royal purple tones. This medium size is approx 34x7 and stands around 2cm off the wall. Asking for £65

STEVIE15 – Lavish wall panel 4

This panel has extra magic, can you see the star design in each of the individually made cabochons? This medium size is approx 27.5x6 and stands around 2cm off the wall.

STEVIE02 – River Wall Art – Framed

The last in the series. A square panel of my glass lace which I made using light aqua, grey and the lovely clear glass with a rainbow iridescent flakes. Mounted on the frame. 50x50cm by approx. 4cm deep. Original retail price £100 Current sale price £55

STEVIE04 – Iridescent Gold Wave – small

The last in the series. I made a few of these a while ago and I love them. All the others have found new homes but this little gold one now looks out of place. Free standing waves sculpture. Approx 20cm wide, 6cm tall, 3cm deep. Retail price £28

STEVIE06 – Crystal Seas – mini bowl

Not quite as perfect as I would like, simple as that really. Lots of sparkly dichroic used in the middle, contrasting my glass lace with speckly glass frit on the blue edge. 11cm bowl x 1.5cm deep On sale at £30

STEVIE08 – Emerald and Amethyst Bowl

Part of a recent Gemstone series, inspired by the twinkling nature of precious gemstones in particular Emeralds and Amethysts. This one just stands out to me for the wrong reasons, I can’t place my finger on it, possible just the almost straight like of smooth glass and green edged lace compared to my other, softer, pieces. 33cm wide x 5cm tall On show for £150

STEVIE10 – Pink lace panel sculpture

An experimental oddity and far too big for what I intended. This unusual form is made from a special glass, a soft pink or coral colouring and is often commented on as reminding people of the beautiful coral formations found at the bottom of the sea. Displayed on a wooden base (included) which is 17cm deep. The glass is approx. 40cm across x 48cm tall Asking price £60

STEVIE12 – Lavish wall panel 1

Frankly, I struggle to display these in the shop, I still really love them but think I want to make bigger versions with a different colourway. Contemporary wall art pieces. Simple to hang on a screw. 34x7cm and they stand off the wall by around 2cm. Currently £65

STEVIE14 – Lavish wall panel 3

As with the Largest Silver Panel, just looking to rehome. A rich purple and green colourway is found in this panel. This medium size is approx 27.5x6 and stands around 2cm off the wall.

STEVIE16 – Lavish wall panel 5

Last but not least, a baby wall panel. In the same lovely purple and green colourway of one of the medium panels. 19.5x5 1.75cm off wall On sale at just £25

Postage cost if needing postage – £5 for small wave, bowl or wall panels. £10 for the large bowls (UK mainland).
I feel posting the Framed Art and Lace Sculpture would be risky!  Get in touch before bidding about delivery/collection.

BIDDING FORM Silent Auction 2023