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Frit Balls Craft Kit


Frit balls craft kit to make at home.

Read through the description to choose your colour and shape options!

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Remember to select FREE SHIPPING at checkout!



Remember to select FREE SHIPPING at checkout.

Choose your colour range from:
Seascape: Mostly blues and greens
Bonfire: Mostly reds, oranges and yellows
Blushing Bouquet: Mostly pinks and purples
Rainbow: All the colours!

Choose your tile shape and hanging options from:
Square & Flat: A 10cm square with no hanging holes
Diamond: A 10cm square with one hanging hole in a single corner
Slim: A 6cm by 15cm rectangle with a single hanging hole centred on one 6cm edge

Use sparkling glass blobs (technical term frit balls) which are a wonderful mix of rounded shapes in different sizes and transparent colours.
The frit balls are little bits of glass which I have pre-made for you so that they all have a flat bottom to stop them rolling around.
Use them to develop your design and glue them into place.
The kit includes plenty of glass blobs, more than you will need, ina variety of colours and a printed set of step-by-step instructions.

Return your finished design to Stevie for firing in the kiln before it makes its return journey back home to you! As your finished design will need to be returned to Stevie for firing in the kiln, please keep the additional cost of this in mind! The cost of posting you the kit and it’s final return journey to you is already included in the purchase price (you just pay to post the unfinished kit to me for firing).

Kit contains:

  • Coloured glass frit balls
  • Glass tile
  • Specialist glue and applicator sticks
  • Full instructions

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Suggested materials – you will need your own pencil and paper.

DISCLAIMER: When purchasing kits you do so with the understanding that raw cut glass is sharp. Stevie cannot be held responsible for your safety in your own home. Use the tweezers provided and follow the guidelines set out in the instructions. Adult supervision should be used for younger makers. Keep pieces of glass away from animals and don’t pick up bits of glass by the pointy end!

Additional information

Frit Ball Colours

Blushing Bouquet, Bonfire, Rainbow, Seascape

Tile Size

Diamond, Slim, Square & Flat