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Kits to make at home

Each kit is designed for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. You pick you options (see the downloadable order form) and then receive all the materials and equipment you need except for paper and a pencil, but you have them right?

completed piece from a wire drawing kit

Kit option 1: Wire Drawing

Use copper wire to draw your picture before it is returned to be fired under a glass tile.
This process works really well for animal portraits, floral designs, or abstract pictures with curves and shapes.
You will learn to break the picture down into lots of lines and segments before recreating the image in copper wire.
A pdf of step by step instructions will be emailed to you.

completed piece from a fun with frit balls kit

Kit option 2: Fun with Frit Balls

Use sparkling glass blobs (technical term frit balls) which are a wonderful mix of rounded shapes in different sizes and transparent colours.
The frit balls are little bits of glass which I have premade for you meaning they all have a flat bottom to stop them rolling around.
Use them to develop your design and glue them into place.
The kit includes your main make plus an extra random shaped hanging for extra fun, and a pdf of step by step instructions will be emailed to you.


PRICE Each Kit is £25 and they take around 3 hours on average to complete, depending on how quickly to make your design decisions and how complicated they are.  I am able to offer extra kits at a discount of £15 per extra set of the same base materials. i.e if you wanted to make a Bubbles of Fun kit (£25) and 2 Wire Drawings (£25+£15) it would total £65. Why not get the rest of your family (or bubble) involved, a great activity for a rainy day. Include you address if you require delivery (charged at a flat £5) or let me know if you'd like to collect from me in Derby.

Got questions? Contact me with your queries and pop on to the Stevie's Project Kit Creations Facebook Group to see what other people have done!

Ready to order your kit? Download an order form now (word doc), fill it in and send it to me (email address at bottom of page). I will then confirm receipt and send an order confirmation with payment details and estimated time of fulfilment.


Just a few of the stunning creative kit makes from customers!

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